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The six women featured in the series all balance busy professional and personal lives with their passion for surfing. Drama in the ocean is balanced by the drama of navigating the tricky relationships amongst this group of athletes. The six episode series is based on a special that aired on Logo in 2005. The hour-long special was so popular on Logo’s VOD and download-to-own platforms that the channel immediately greenlit a series based on the same premise.

Curl Girls will premiere on Logo on June 18, 2007 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Subsequent episodes will air on Mondays at 10:00 PM. Logo is available on digital cable as well as on DirectTV channel 263. Complementing the series’ on-air schedule is a host of multi-platform viewing options. Each episode will be available via instant release on iTunes, Amazon Unbox, AOL Video, Xbox Live Marketplace and Wal-Mart. Special mobile content, including the entire first episode, will be available on Sprint Wireless, Amp’d, Helio and Verizon phones. Exclusive content will also be available on both and


As gay friendly destinations continue to emerge around the world, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) travellers are quickly becoming known as the largest group of international globetrotters. Community Marketing Inc.’s 10th Annual LGBT Travel Survey revealed that 66% of Canadian respondents took at least two long vacations of five nights or more in the last year and 78% of Canadian respondents took two or more short vacations of four nights or less – to destinations within Canada, the United States, and increasingly, to destinations around the globe.

Increasingly, hotel properties in many domestic and international destinations cater to gay travellers and has scoured the beaches, seas and nightclubs to uncover its top picks for LGBT travel this summer.

Whether travelling home or abroad, editors recommend these gay-friendly destinations:

Editor’s Picks for Sun Worshippers and Beach Bums

· Honolulu, Hawaii: Known for its beautiful beaches, Hawaii has long been a vacation paradise and has begun attracting more gay visitors. Visit Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach and Queens Beach, both hot spots for gay travellers.

· Puerto Rico: Said to be one of the gayest Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico boasts a number of LGBT friendly hotels and beaches, a happening gay scene (Check out the Condado district in downtown San Juan) and the Caribbean’s only gay bathhouse.

Editor’s Picks for Foodies Looking to Indulge

· New Orleans, Louisiana: Notorious for its French Quarter nightspots, spicy Cajun cuisine and anything goes attitude, the Big Easy is also infused with gay culture. Visit the many art galleries in the Warehouse District, where Arthur Roger has displayed pieces by Deborah Kass, lesbian pop-art icon, and gay painter David Hockney.

· Montreal, Canada: One of the largest and safest gay communities for travellers, Montreal’s downtown Gay Village (a.k.a. Le Village) continues to flourish with the help of city officials. Visit a trendy night spot or indulge in gourmet cuisine at one of the many cafes.

Tips for Gay-Friendly Travel

  • Unless both travellers have the same last name, include each name on the reservation.
  • Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade warns that many countries do not recognize same-sex marriage and. that attempting to enter as a same-sex married couple can result in refusal by local officials. So do your research.
  • Use a gay-friendly travel agency when booking your trips.
  • Book TAG Approved® accommodations. TAG stands for the Travel Alternatives Group, an organization whose mission it is to rate the world's gay-friendliest hotels, resorts, and inns.

To book a gay-friendly vacation package, visit’s sister site at, or for more information on travel options and ideas, go to to read a TWS exclusive with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Pride Toronto

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A multidimensional journey with gay gurus Brewer & Berg

A multidimensional journey with gay gurus Brewer & Berg

to the ReelHeART International Film Festival

The Canadian premiere of the film documentary, Out & About with Brewer & Berg – A Multidimensional Travelogue” to be celebrated at the 3rd annual ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, June 18 - 23, 2007.

The voices of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons are often lacking in discussions of spirituality, religion and faith. While in recent years a new level of visibility has been achieved in many places, gay people remain excluded from most organized religions, if not outright condemned and even persecuted. The film documentary "Out & About with Brewer & Berg" follows two gay men on an odyssey to confront established religion and reclaim their spiritual identities.

Zurich, Switzerland, May 22, 2007 – “Out & About with Brewer & Berg” follows the multidimensional quest of Michael Brewer and Thomas Alan Berg through Switzerland and Italy as they explore and debunk old myths, paradigms and prejudices all the way to the gates of Vatican, where they discover and proclaim their own unique spiritual identities as gay men.

With the ongoing global debate on the roles of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in all aspects of society, from marriage, employment rights, education, politics and religion, there is a growing awareness of the unique contribution made by this ubiquitous yet underreported and misrepresented group of people. Gay people everywhere are seeking greater rights, more recognition and claiming their places in society, even at the risk of their lives. And like people everywhere, are seeking answers to questions that are universal in nature.

The catharsis of travel leads to captivating and entertaining dialogue in "Out & About with Brewer & Berg” on subjects ranging from Jungian psychology, archetypes and mythology, through medieval castles and war, the sculpture and art of Rome, to epiphanies in the Forum and Coliseum. They discuss art and creativity at Niki de St. Phalle's sculpture garden in Tuscany and hold insightful conversations in Pisa all culminating is visions of a new paradigm on top of the Duomo in Florence. The humor of Brewer & Berg, the film’s entertaining graphics and quotes and powerful music track all underscore their often pointed and thought-provoking commentary.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Aloha Spirit Film Festival at its premiere in Hawaii in September 2006, this joint Swiss/American production shows a side of gay culture rarely seen on film. Deep thinking, challenging, humorous and cultured, Brewer & Berg take their viewers on a multidimensional journey over the rainbow into a new sense of self-worth and potential. It’s an uplifting and encouraging view from an unexpected, fresh point of view; evocative for everyone whatever their sexual orientation.

ReelHeART International Film Festival

Often called the “filmmaker’s festival”, the ReelHeART International Film Festival has successfully filled the void left in the wake of increasingly narrow-themed and niche-centric film festivals. “This is a truly open and varied film festival,” says Shannonn Kelly, director of RHIFF. “Our niche is there is no niche.” Out & About with Brewer & Berg - A Multidimensional Travelogue will celebrate its Canadian premiere as part of the RHIFF Venue Program at Southern Accent Restaurant, 8:00 pm on Friday, June 22, 2007. Canap├ęs, popcorn, lounge seating and travels to another dimension with Brewer & Berg all promise an evening not soon to be forgotten.

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Straight Radio Station Owner

Straight Radio Station Owner

Energizes Gay Media Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - When you meet Joe Bayliss, it’s hard to believe that this blonde, married, relatively conservative guy owns Energy 92.7FM, the heart-pumping independent dance music radio station that has a huge gay following.

Since hitting the airwaves nearly three years ago, Bayliss has charted a course for San Francisco’s only independently owned radio station that has enabled it to turn a profit and become the most listened to dance/electronic radio station on the West Coast.

“The gay community, which makes up 15% of the San Francisco market and represents $670 billion in consumer spending, has a passion for dance music, but no one was playing it. So we launched Energy 92.7FM Pure Dance,” said Bayliss. “We took an old-fashioned approach to our business model; local, live personalities and grass roots community involvement and went to work.”

Bayliss and his team put together a radio line up of the hippest dance club music available with dynamic on-air personalities that today includes America’s first all-gay morning radio show. Additionally, the Energy team began supporting local non-profits and taking an active role within the community. “We wanted to be the kind of station that not only played great music, but was there for the community 365 days a year,” added Bayliss.

Support of the station has grown exponentially, allowing Energy 92.7FM to expand onto the web with live streaming. “We hear from queer youth all over the country, thanking us for being on the air,” he added. “They may not live in San Francisco, but these kids now have an outlet to tune in to for great music and positive gay role models.”

So what’s next for Bayliss and his station? Energy 92.7FM will host a major dance party on June 23rd, “Queen,” during San Francisco’s gay pride. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Equality California, the state’s leading LGBT nonprofit advocacy organization. “You need a big party for Pride,” said Bayliss, “and this will be the biggest the city has ever seen.”

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On May 1, 2007, David Watson and Justin McGee set off from Victoria, BC to begin a cross Canada bike ride in support of Kidney Disease. Unfortunately, Justin experienced knee problems and has had to stop the bike ride. David is continuing on with what he expects will be a 4 month bike ride across Canada - following the Trans Canada Trail where possible, and finishing in St. John's , NL. His goal is to raise awareness about kidney disease, organ donation and funds for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. He is calling the journey - Bike Canada for Kidney.

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