Monday, December 22, 2008

We continually hear great hits and hum along to great melodies, but often those songs and the artists, come and go. It’s said that everyone has a chance for 15 minutes of fame, and so it is with One Hit Wonders.

OUTLOOKS Magazine was fortunate to enjoy the sights and songs of this fantastic production. For every great band or artist, there are about 20 more groups or artists who have had one big break – one great song to their credit. Many have even won a Grammy or a Juno award, and then surprisingly, they disappear from the music scene. Held at Stage West Theatre Restaurant in Calgary, this enjoyable production looks at the hits and the hit makers and provides 2 hours of non-stop musical hits and great memories.

Playing from November 20, 2008 - February 8, 2009 in Calgary, we recommend this thoroughly enjoyable production that features fantastic costumes, great choreography, and a talented cast of singers. Not to be missed!

Monday, December 15, 2008

OUTLOOKS Magazine on Facebook

Hey all! Just a reminder to check out the official OUTLOOKS Magazine Facebook group to keep informed on news and events happening all over Canada!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Issue Now Online!!!

Glitzy decorations, deliciously fatty baked goods, over-played songs of the season...the holidays are here once again! During these times of frantic mall shopping and excessive indulgence at staff parties, OUTLOOKS returns to the root of the holidays with a look at religions and finding a balance between one's faith and sexuality in "Keeping the Faith?". Looking for a unique present that will wow instead of end up in the re-gift pile? Check out our annual Gift Guide, for this years "eclectic" selections. And don't forget your favorite columns and features for a great read. Happy Holidays and have a fantastic New Years!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Celebrate World AIDS Day with a live Madonna Tribute night in Calgary!

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day, the Executive Chair of Artists for Quality of Life, Linda Huston Eckess, has organized a live Madonna Tribute night to raise funds for AIDS Calgary's Positive Living Lunch Program. The program provides nutritious, hot lunches for men, women and children infected with, affected by and living with HIV / AIDS.

The event will be held on December 1st, 2008 from 8 pm to Midnight at Crazyhorse Saloon (213 - 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB) which was previously the old location of Metro Boyztown. There is a VIP Party from 8 pm - 9 pm, followed by the show featuring top Female Impersonators performing various Madonna songs and a silent auction and prizes.

Tickets are on sale at Priape, Texas lounge and Backlot.

Established by The World Health Organization, World AIDS Day provides governments, various national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.

For more information, please visit

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Show your support!

OUTLOOKS urges everyone to show their support towards the lesbian couple involved in a horrific bashing in southern Ontario by joining their facebook group.

Lesbian couple attacked outside Oshawa school

Jane Currie and her partner, Anji Dimitriou, both small, soft-spoken women, were waiting with other parents at Gordon B. Attersley public school in Oshawa, when, fists flying, a man attacked them, his blows as harmful as his words.
"Which one of you two 'men' spoke to my kid? F------ dyke. Lesbians," he said, spitting in Dimitriou's face. As she wiped her face, eyes closed, he punched her on the cheek and wound up again, slamming her backward into her truck. As Currie ran toward him, she remembers him shouting, "F------ dyke bitches," and punched her on the cheekbone so hard the skin burst apart, blood splattering.

What Currie remembers most, from the afternoon of Nov. 3, is the stillness of the schoolchildren, and the sound of her six-year-old son screaming. "It was a face of complete and utter horror," Currie said in an interview yesterday. "His mouth was wide open, and he just stood there, screaming."

In seconds, it was over. Another man intervened, so did a woman, pushing the attacker aside. Police were called. The principal led him inside to her office, Currie said. A man was arrested and charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm.

It wasn't the first time the man had called them those names, Currie said. There have been several other occasions where he had verbally attacked them, usually over a parking spot in the school lot.

Last night, when Currie spoke of the assault, her voice grew low with anger. Why, she asked, did another person feel he had the right to attack them because of their lifestyle?
Currie said she and Dimitriou are pushing Durham police to upgrade the charges to hate crimes.
"That is what it is," she said. "He went after us because of who we are."

Insp. Brian Osborne, of Durham Regional Police, said last night that the department will investigate the possibility that the assaults could be classified as hate crimes. The decision to pursue those charges is usually made with the Crown attorney's office, Osborne said.
In 2006, Statistics Canada reported that one-quarter of hate crimes were motivated by religion and one in 10 by sexual orientation. Hate crimes accounted for less than 1 per cent of all criminal incidents reported by police.

Currie said a rally is being planned for Friday night at 7 at, at King St. and Centre St. in downtown Oshawa. The couple has gathered support on a Facebook site called, "Lesbian moms attacked outside elementary school," which so far has almost 3,000 members.

Currie said her son, and her partner's seven-year-old daughter and six-year-old son, all students at the school, are terrified of encountering the man again.
"I'm angry," Currie said. "Why does he even care? Is his existence so pathetic that he needs to single me out for how I live my life?"

Charged is Mark Scott, 43, of Oshawa.

story by Moira Welsh, The; images from

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Issue Now Online!!!

This month, OUTLOOKS focuses on the increase in same-sex couples raising children with a look at parenthood from the perspective of two differentfamilies and how it has changed their lives. We also have stories on the outcomes of Canada's 40th federal election, Sustainable tourism and the trend towards "Green Travel", and Supporting EGALE. Also, get informed on fitness, Generation Q perspectives and re thinking design for travel.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miss Piggy for The View

Muppet diva Miss Piggy made a special guest appearance on ABC’s "The View" on Wednesday, October 1, 2008. The regular hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters welcomed her with open With speculation that Elisabeth Hasselbeck might be leaving "The View", do you think Miss Piggy could find success as their new co-host, or should Rosie just return?!?

Jennifer Hudson's family members slain

Recent news of singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew being found shot to death in her hometown city of Chicago have sent waves of shock throughout the Hollywood community and amongst her fans. One might wonder if her quick rise to stardom played any part in motivation behind the brutal slayings, but the investigation is ongoing. Do you think this was purely a domestic issue in her family or was her status involved?

Homosexuality and Education - Free movie and forum

The Development Studies Club at the University of Calgary is an organization aimed at raising awareness of community and international development issues. It is made-up of dedicated students from different disciplines and vocations. In the past, it has addressed a wide variety of issues including corruption and fair trade.

On Thursday, November 6, 2008 it will address homophobia.The Development Studies Club will present Homosexuality and Education. This event will consist of two parts:

(1) A screening of FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, a documentary about homosexuality and Christianity; and
(2) A forum that will explore how homosexuality is addressed in local education systems.

Three speakers will address this topic:
(1) Melissa Luhtanen, Human Rights Educator, Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre;
(2) Darren Lund, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary; and
(3) Barb Maheu, Executive Assistant, Professional Development, The Alberta Teachers' Association.

This event, hosted by Ray Jean Fafard and sponsored by Twisted Element, is scheduled for 6:30-9:30 pm on Thursday, November 6, 2008. It will take place in Murray Fraser Hall 160 at the University of Calgary. This event will be open to the public and admission will be free. Homosexuality and Education - Thursday, November 6, 20086:30-9:30 pm Murray Fraser Hall 160, University of Calgary

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trouble in Paradise!!!

Copyright 2008 Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Madonna has confirmed that she is divorcing her husband of eight years, Guy Ritchie.
Madonna's rep says that the singer's "Sticky & Sweet" tour will go on as planned. Madonna and Guy have one son, Rocco, eight, and an adopted boy, David Banda, two. Madonna also has a daughter, 12, by Carlos Leon. Surprisingly, Madonna and Guy seemingly do NOT have a pre-nup in place, leaving Guy in line to walk away with up to half of Madge’s fortune (according to Forbes she earned $72m last year alone). Madonna is worth over $500 million, but soon-to-be-ex Ritchie apparently doesn't want a dime. Do you think he deserves a healthy chunk of the Material Girl's wealth??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OUTLOOKS Magazine is pleased to introduce Viagara Falls, a “laugh out loud” comedy that is also sure to warm your heart with it's message of true friendship. The story involves two widowers who are long-time friends, a buxom call girl, and the wonders of a little blue pill! Charley Millhouse is soon to turn 77 and his best friend Moe Crubbs wants to do something very special to celebrate, with the help of a few call girls and some black-market Viagra. The trouble is, Moe doesn’t want to participate and Charley it turns out has a deep, dark secret he’d rather not share! This extremely funny show examines the importance of close friendships; the realization that emotions don’t diminish with age and the idea that feeling wanted make the difference between living and just existing. The show is playing at Stage West Theatre Restaurants in Calgary from Sept. 11, 2008 – Nov. 16, 2008 so make your way to see the show if you're in the area to enjoy this poignant play and an evening of laughs!

Upcoming Documentary...

The Wild Rose United Church in Calgary would like to invite anyone interested to an upcoming documentary. On Friday, October 24, 2008 the Symons Valley United Church, 38 Kincora Rise NW, will be hosting the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So, at 7:00 pm. No admission, donations accepted. Social time after the showing. Cash wine bar.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October Issue Now Online!!!

Fall is a perfect time to update your space before settling in for winter, so check out the October issue for refreshing design ideas by award-winning designer Robert Reid. Also, prepare for the upcoming election by looking at issues that matter to us in Thoughts From The Hill: Queer Parliamentary Panel. Don't forget to check out Generation Q for a perspective on self discovery, a look at our favourite Comedic Divas, our interview with actor Jeff Geddis, and a look at some gay and lesbian horror DVDs to get you in a frightful mood. Enjoy National Coming Out Day and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Calgary Art Walk 2008

Artwalk is an opportunity for the general public to visit Calgary galleries and artist studios to discover the quality and variety of artists' work available in Calgary, and realize they do not have to travel abroad to find some wonderful treasures.

The event is free, and many venues will be providing refreshments and hosting special events. Artwalk is great for art students, art connoisseurs, and for the novice to come out and meet artists and watch creativity happen before their eyes. This event's popularity over 20 years stems from it's focus on enjoyment of the arts in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

Calgary Art Walk takes place September 20 - 21, 2008. For more information and a complete listing of events, galleries and locations, please visit

Friday, September 5, 2008

Outlooks Was There!!!

Outlooks Magazine had the pleasure of attending The Garden Fetish Play-Party on August 3/08. The fun and frisky event brought out a diverse crowd that enjoyed the live shows, interactive play areas, music and entertaining hosting by Chez Reshawn and Persephone.

Event coordinator, Persephone, explains that "The Garden started with an idea of the old courtesies and chivalries, the days of grace and grandeur, when people dressed for dinner; days of sensuality as well as sexuality. I chose the name to induce a variety of these feelings, from the garden of biblical lore, to one of my favorite paintings, that of Bosche's "Garden of Earthly Delights", incorporating that with the main idea of a very stylish, manor house's fetish garden." The evenings usually start with a mix of roarin 20's, charleston, swing, jazz, and the like, before moving into sexy, moving and stompy music, interspersed by their fabulous drag queen doing shows and the MCing, getting the crowd all geared up, and giving out prizes. With this, one can expect fetish shows, lots of room to play on your own, and even a few demonstrations of the arts of bdsm. For more information or to come to an event, contact or

“El Sonido del Silencio”

Annette Morcos Presents:

“El Sonido del Silencio”
The sound of Silence

Saturday September 13, 2008 at 8:00 pm
University Theatre, University of Calgary CAMPUS
$32 in advance / $38 at the door

For more information call: 403-217-1954
"El Sonido del Silencio" Cuando el sonido muere existe solo el silenciollenando espacio con el movimientohasta el volver del dulcesonido de la música -Cristina Hall-
When sound dies outonly silence existsfilling up space with movementuntil the sweet soundof music returns.

"El Sonido del Silencio" is an encounter between flamenco's past and present; where the old and the new come together in one performance to express a timeless sense of music and movement. The performance will take you back in time to experience what it was like in the 18th century "Cafés Cantantes" (gathering places where drinks and flamenco recitals were offered). We will explore voices from the past and thus discover how their emotive energy has inspired and affected the dance, the guitar, and the singing as we experience and live them today.
In collaboration with Peña Bulería Flamenco club (which produces and presents Flamenco performances in the Vancouver area), Annette Morcos brings Christina Hall with "El Sonido del Silencio" to both Calgary and Edmonton. The performance features accomplished artists from Spain.

A well respected flamenco dancer, Cristina Hall, has gained high acclaim wherever she has worked including her home base of Sevilla, Spain. Her unique dance style has been described as powerful and musical. El Sonido del Silencio was born as a collaborative effort between Cristina Hall and Annette Morcos during Annette’s visits to Spain in the winter and spring of 2008. Crucial to the delivery of this inspired work are the sounds emanating from the guitar of Manuel Alejandro Montero, an accomplished musician who has won two “Sabicas” prizes in Calasparra’s National Festival of Young Flamencos, Murcia, Spain; both as concert guitarist and a singing accompanist; and the voice of David de Alcala whose singing career has found him on stage along side masters such as Calixto Sánchez, Fernando de la Malena and José de la Tomasa. Also performing, are singer Pirouz de Caspio from Vancouver and dancer Annette Morcos from Calgary. This concert series will be accompanied by scheduled workshops in all three cities in guitar, dance and song. Information about workshops can be found at

“El Sonido del Silencio” is a one evening engagement on September 13th, 2008 at the University Theatre (University of Calgary Campus, 2500 University Drive NW) at 8:00 pm
Tickets (preferred seating): $32 in advance, $38 at the door.

Available online at or Pumphouse Box office (403)-263-0079.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Informed About Politics That Affect You!!!

Hey everyone, be sure to check out Notes From The Press Gallery, an informative blog on issues of concern to the GLBT community, with insight from a panel of gay and lesbian MPs and Senators from the three national parties.

AIDS Walk For Life. Sunday, September 21, 2008!!!

AIDS Calgary presents the 2008 Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life on Sunday, September 21, 2008. Come join hundreds of Calgarians as we walk in an effort to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and to raise funds to support AIDS Calgary’s education, outreach and prevention programs along with support for people living with HIV/AIDS. This year Calgary and Edmonton are stepping up their fundraising efforts in a friendly competition to raise awareness and funds to support programs and services for prevention, treatment, and education of HIV/ AIDS in Alberta communities.

Whether you are walking, volunteering, or making a donation, you can make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Last year, the 2007 AIDS Walk for Life Calgary met the target of $80,000 in support of AIDS Calgary with 750 walkers, 35 Teams and 100 volunteers showing their support. The event was successful in bringing Calgarians together to raise awareness of our united effort to end HIV/AIDS.

All proceeds from the 2008 Scotiabank Walk for Life will go directly to prevention, support and education programs for those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in Calgary.
AIDS Calgary provides support services for people at-risk for, living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, and provides HIV prevention and education for the entire community.


Where? Eau Claire Plaza, Calgary, Alberta
When? Sunday, September 21rd, 2008Registration and Check-In 9:00 - 10:30 amOpening Ceremonies & Warm-up 10:30 – 11:00 amWalk Begins 11:00 amPost-Walk Lunch/Entertainment12:00 – 2:00 pm
What?Food and Fun for the Whole Family!!Sign up to qualify for Individual and Team PrizesCostumes and creativity welcome!

Please go to for more information or call 403.541.WALK

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Issue Now Online!!!

As the air turns crisp and we say good bye to summer, check out the September issue and our exclusive inside look into the world of male escorting to heat things up! We also introduce three new columns; "Generation Q" - with thoughts from the 21st Century Gay, "Designs" with award-winning designer Robert Reid, and the Outlooks' Queer Parliamentary Panel. Be sure to check out our interview with actress Thea Gill, read about Ultra Pools to prep for your next vacation to Las Vegas, review queer activist Doug Wilson's struggles in "Stubblejumper", and enjoy our other features, including the return of "Don't You Wish"!

Friday, August 1, 2008

August Issue Now Online!!!

In the August issue you'll discover two great travel stories - one international, Uruguay; and one closer to home, New England. This month we premiere The Canadian Colbert Report of movie, music and game reviews. In addition great articles on Summer Fitness; Cooking for the Boyz; Noah's Arc the movie; plus lots of coast to coast coverage post Pride. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update from May

We didn't blog it before...but it doesn't stop us from doing it now!

Presenting the May 28th Grand Opening of Zsa Zsa's Supper Club in Calgary, AB! (Side note: they're now doing a lunch bistro setup as well) Totally retro, completely classy with live jazz 4-7pm Wed-Fri right in the middle of the core. Headlining Terri Stevens!


The Granding Opening of the new Calgary Cares Centre for AIDS Calgary!