Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumor has it these days that its all the rage to wake up on your day off and login to the hottest and busiest gay chat site. What happens next? Either you go out and get yourself a one-morning/afternoon/or..night stand if you will, or you spend the afternoon sitting inside in your underwear. Its a beautiful sunny day outside, and you are sitting in front of your computer monitor continuously clicking refresh, anxiously awaiting fresh meat. Alas, you have memorized the photos of every single person you see logged into your favourite gay
chat site. Well, that and you have probably slept with most of 'em too.

Maybe the internet needs a break! Its time to put yourself in the spotlight!

Summer is here, so get out and enjoy it! People are starting to forget the art of meeting face-to-face. Here are a four tips to help enable you to become a social guru! Make use of summer while it lasts! Maybe you'll actually find who you're looking for!

1. Be Acknowledged

Keep a small distance between you and the person you might want to introduce yourself to. Try to subtly catch their eye and smile briefly, but brightly and then await a response. If they mimic your behaviour in this situation, that means that they are open to talking- If they reciprocate with a closed-mouth smile and avoid eye contact, they are probably shy, or not interested.

Note: Eye contact usually lasts about 3 seconds, if it last longer, there may be some interest.

2. Use your Tongue!

Ordinary banter will work way better than a 'pick-up line' when trying to strike a
conversation. Take a look around the room. Absorb the situation. Perhaps you're in a record store and you both are looking at the same record. You could talk about the band, "Have you seen them live?" etc...

3. Cant think of anything to say?

Just remember, who, what, when, where, and why. A virtually inevitable solution!

4. Move the chatter forward

If you still have interest in them at this point, start showing them by asking them questions- adding emotion to your conversation, maybe creating some form of 'inside-joke'. Those are bound to help them remember you.

Try them out! Also, if you have any tips or hints you would like to share with our fellow outlooks readers we most certainly encourage it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

BUDDY- StageWest Calgary

Tired of the top 40's?
Join Young Buddy Holly and his friends on an entertaining reminiscent journey through time with "Buddy- The Buddy Holly Story" A Jukebox Musical
By: Alan Janes & Rob Bettinson at Stage West Calgary
This Iconic music list is sure to have you clapping your hands and singing along!

Outlooks had the pleasure of visiting Stage West Calgary to
see "Buddy" and we would like to share some photos with our readers.

"Buddy" runs from April 23rd until June 28th 2009
For more information on ticket sales and bookings see
Calgary Stage West's Website

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OUTLOOKS Magazine goes to the Annual IGLTA Convention!

The setting was absolutely chic, as Toronto played host for the 26th Annual IGLTA Convention. The biggest and the best in the travel and media industry gathered once again, and Toronto certainly delivered in it's promise for an unforgettable event. Watch for coverage on this in our upcoming June Pride issue. For more information on IGLTA travel resources, head to

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Issue Now Online!!!

Plan out your summer roadtrip with our guide to the best spots in Canada! Don't forget to include a stop at some of the Pride and queer festivals happening throughout the summer, and prepare with our 2009 Sneak Peak of the hottest venues!

Available in your community!