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Review of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

Review of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

Gay director John Waters once brilliantly summed up what's wrong with most Hollywood movies – he'd slip into a mopey Eeyore voice and note, “They learned.” Most mainstream narratives provide their protagonists with a series of little mini-epiphanies, the kind we rarely get in real life, so the characters (and, by extension, the audience) can learn something.

And boy, do people learn things in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, the dopey Adam Sandler-Kevin James comedy (complete with GLAAD seal of approval) about straight guys whose minds are opened when they have to masquerade as a gay couple.

Gay film industry observers have had twinges of concern over this project for years – at one point it was announced as a vehicle for Will Smith and Nicolas Cage – and those twinges turned into full-on anxiety once audiences got a look at the trailer, which features Sandler smacking James in the face during their wedding so as to get out of kissing him.

While it's very easy to eviscerate Chuck and Larry from an activist point of view – the pre-enlightened Sandler makes jokes about “Olympic Baton Swallowing,” while Dan Aykroyd tells the leads, “What you shove up your ass is your own business” – all one really has to do to slam the flick is look at the lazy, contrived writing and the traffic-cop direction by frequent Sandler accomplice Dennis Dugan (Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore).

Oh, here's a Dennis Dugan fun fact – back when he was a full-time actor (he makes a cameo here as a homophobic Niagara Falls cabbie whom Sandler and James pummel), he played an embarrassingly mincing, “Fabulous!”–spouting poof in a ludicrous comedy called Norman, Is That You? That 1976 film starred Redd Foxx as a man who tries to “cure” his gay son; the ensuing 30 years seems to have done little for Dugan's taste in queer comedy.

Plot-wise, Chuck and Larry emulates another squirmy old homophobic comedy, 1969's The Gay Deceivers. That earlier film was about two straight guys who pretended to be a gay couple to dodge the draft; after moving in together, they face scorn and ridicule from friends and family. If only Chuck and Larry were that realistic – in this movie's universe, homosexuality actually does proffer “special rights,” in that firefighter Larry (James) can only transfer his pension benefits from his late wife to his children by getting a domestic partnership with best friend and fellow fireman Chuck (Sandler). (Already the plot police are turning on their sirens – for starters, wouldn't the wife have had a will leaving everything to the kids if she and Larry were both dead?)

Anyway, skirt-chasing Chuck is reluctant at first – “Domestic partnership? You mean like faggots?” – but eventually acquiesces because Larry saved his life, leaving Chuck in his debt. At first they just fill out the paperwork and go along as usual, but when a creepy bureaucrat (Steve Buscemi, blowing all his gay karma from Parting Glances) starts investigating them for possible fraud, Chuck has to move in with Larry and begin faking domestic life together. Putting together an evidence trail on the advice of their lawyer (Jessica Biel), the men travel to Canada to get married, which leads us to a tacky wedding chapel owned by a Japanese man, played by Rob Schneider.

Yes, that's right – in a movie that's already flirting with homophobic slurs (which we're supposed to forgive because everyone learns by the end) and ridiculous gay characters (there's not one non-flitter in the bunch), the filmmakers throw in yellowface for good measure. The queer stuff in Chuck and Larry isn't awful enough to merit protests, but Asian actors would have every right to picket this movie for working stereotypes that were cringe-worthy when Mickey Rooney shouted, “Miss Gorightry! I must plotest!” in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

"Desperate Housewives" To Add a Gay Couple

When Teri Hatcher slid into a seat next to Marc Cherry at the ABC Press Tour party last Thursday night in Los Angeles, she was all ears and wide-eyed as her Desperate Housewives boss was discussing one of her storylines for next season with me and a few other reporters.

Cherry, his voice growing hoarse from non-stop interviews, surprised us by revealing something for the first time: around episode five, we may be seeing a rainbow flag hanging outside one of the homes on Wisteria Lane. It seems that Hatcher's character of sweet and bumbling Susan – who married hunky Mike Delfino (Janes Denton) in the season finale – will get new next door neighbors with whom she will instantly clash and, they will be... a gay couple!

To view the hole story click here

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“Pride in the City” Will Go Ahead As Scheduled Despite the Recent Strike By Local Civic Employees.

(VANCOUVER, BC) The Vancouver Pride Society announced today that the civic strike will not affect the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival taking place on Sunday August 5th, 2007. The Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) Board of Directors have received over 100 phone calls and inquiries about the civic strike and its potential effect on the parade since the announcement of the strike last Friday. However, the VPS says “there is no need for concern” as the city workers’ walkout will not affect the Vancouver Pride Parade given that the celebration is not an official civic event.

“The strike will not affect the Pride Parade or Festival no matter what,” states John Boychuk, Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) President, “‘Pride in the City’ is not just a Parade made up of costumes and pure fun. It is a movement and we are raising awareness about the need for human rights for the GLBT community on an international scale. The Pride Parade and Festival is the most important event in Vancouver’s gay community - it NEEDS to proceed and it will.”

The only concern the VPS has is the garbage that may remain on the street from the previous nights’ Celebration of Light fireworks. However, the city says it will do its best under the circumstances to help make sure that does not occur.

The VPS has 200 garbage cans, donated by Wet! Lubricants, to handle the garbage along the Parade route and at the Festival.

The Vancouver Pride Celebration will kick off with the Official Vancouver Pride Weekend Launch outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday August 3rd at noon.

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Outlooks Magazine in Amsterdam

Heaven in Amsterdam ; )
Take a look at the movie our travel writer Roy took while in Amsterdam
EuroCreme owners, management, movie directors, producers and models hosted the gay press at a garden party July 21st at the Geelvinck Museum, Amsterdam.

Lucky Roy!

Read the full story in Outlooks' September edition!



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The Father Visibility Project

The Father Visibility Project

Calling all Gay/Bi/Queer/Trans/Two-Spirited Dads, Granddads or Dads-to-be:
People need your stories!
For Immediate Release
Toronto, Ontario – July 2007 – The Father Visibility Working Group, an ad hoc group of men established in May 2007, has come together to create a unique web-based Father Visibility Project designed to increase visibility and a sense of entitlement to parent amongst gay/bi/queer/trans/two-spirited (GBQT2S) fathers and prospective fathers. The group and project spring from the research done by the Gay Father’s Research Cluster of FIRA (Father Involvement Research Alliance – Participants in the research from around Canada noted the extreme invisibility of GBQT2S fathers and support services, as well as a deeply felt lack of entitlement to father.

We believe that you as a gay/bi/queer/trans/two-spirited father, grandfather, or prospective father:
Have unique experiences, insights and wisdom to share that will be valued by others who are, are contemplating, or in process of becoming fathers
Can decrease a sense of isolation and reinforce insights, pride and possibilities for yourself and for other fathers and potential fathers and their families.

To this end, the Father Visibility Project is collecting 10 stories and photos from fathers, grandfathers and fathers-to-be to begin to reflect the ethno-cultural and geographic diversity of Canadian and First Nations gay/bi/queer/trans/two-spirited fathers, and explore the many ways we become fathers. The most convincing and reaffirming stories are those from men "who've been there," or are “going through the process.” Whether you became a father before coming out, after coming out, are on your way or thinking about it, consider sharing your insights with those who could benefit from your journey. All selected submissions will be used in whole or in part, subject to editing. No one's writing will be changed or used without his permission.

If you are willing to write a brief story (300 -1000 words) about your experiences, challenges, discoveries, and joys of being or - thinking about being - a gay/bi/queer/trans/two-spirited father, please send your story and photo submission, including your name and contact information to:
Chris Veldhoven,, 416 392-6878 x109.

Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2007.

If you are looking for ideas on how to focus your story, please check out:

All of your stories are important. Even if not selected, we thank you for your generosity in sharing.

This web project is supported by the LGBTQ Parenting Network – Sherbourne Health Centre and Queer Parenting Programmes at The 519. Queer Parenting Programmes is a service of The 519 Church Street Community Centre, a multi-service agency that provides LGBTQ family support and educational programming. The LGBTQ Parenting Network is a project of the Sherbourne Health Centre – a multi-service agency supporting the health and well being of LGBTQ individuals and families.

For Media Information Contact:
Chris Veldhoven, Queer Parenting Programmes Coordinator at The 519
Tel: 416 392 6878 x 109 Email:

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GLBT Literary Reading

July 31st
St. Paul's Anglican Church (Labyrinth)
1130 Jervis Street (Jervis & Pendrel)
Featuring Readings by Vancouver Poets
Kyle Christensson (Canada)
Gabriella Kullak (Canada)
Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco (Santiago de Chile)

For information contact Scott Larsen at 604 341 0375

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BlabberMash - Sex Inspectors

Check out the new hit show Sex Inspectors on HBO. Quite funny!

The Changing Definition Of Family In Canada

Legal wrangling over whether a Calgary man should be allowed to opt out of being a father highlights the evolving definition of family in Canada, says a family law expert.

On Thursday the Supreme Court dismissed an application for leave to appeal by a woman who wanted to absolve her common-law husband of responsibility for a child she had through artificial insemination.

The couple, identified only as John and Jane Doe, signed a pre-parenting agreement stating John Doe would not be considered the child's father. The couple took the agreement to court seeking legal validation.

Last February, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled against the agreement, saying the common-law husband will inevitably act in the role of father because he lives with the woman and her child.

``Can it be seriously contended that he will ignore the child when it cries? When it needs to be fed? When it stumbles? When the soother needs to be replaced? When the diaper needs to be changed?'' Justice Ronald Berger wrote in that decision.

As is its usual practice, the Supreme Court did not give reasons for its decision not to hear the appeal.

Nicholas Bala, a family law professor at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., has been studying the case as part of a paper he's writing on ``social parents'' _ non-biological parents who raise children.

``Many of the social parents would be people who are step-parents, and I think that this decision clearly has implications for step-parents,'' said Bala, who will present the paper at a National Judicial Institute education program for judges in September.

``Some of them are people, both gays and lesbians and heterosexuals, who are involved in situations with artificial insemination, potentially grandparents.''

Changing attitudes towards same-sex marriage and family relationships, as well as advances in technology such as artificial insemination, are affecting these decisions, said Bala.

``We're seeing changes in familial relationships, changes in attitudes to what is a family. And this is an illustration of an ongoing evolution in Canada of what is a family.''

In the leave to appeal, Jane Doe contends the Appeal Court's decision failed to recognize her charter rights to make fundamental choices on behalf of her child.

But Terry Romaniuk, a lawyer at the University of Alberta's Center for Constitutional Studies, agreed with the court's decision.

``She argued that her rights were being affected by all of this, and the court said, well, yes, that may be true, but you also didn't consider the rights of the child. The child is a living, breathing human being that is being affected by all of this, and you didn't consider the kid's side, too.''

Bala said that in refusing to allow the contract, the court didn't keep the couple from parenting the way they originally planned. The decision simply means that a decision on a child's future can't be made in advance.

``For example, these people could make a decision about property that would be binding (in case of a relationship breakup).

``So one of the messages is that we treat children differently from property.''

As a result of the decision, if the couple were to split, Jane Doe would have the right to change her mind and seek financial support, while John Doe could change his mind and seek contact with the child. And the child himself could also potentially seek support from the non-custodial parent.

The adults could both waive those rights, however, if they wanted to stick with their contract.

University of Toronto law professor Brenda Cossman provided an affidavit for Jane Doe's request that the Supreme Court hear the appeal.

She argued that there were a number of ``issues of national public importance'' in the case.

She raised issues ranging from three-parent scenarios to women's autonomy and whether a person has the choice to retain the tag of ``single parent.''

Bala said he was a little disappointed that the Supreme Court didn't choose to hear the case, although he said it wasn't surprising based on the fact that the two previous courts reached the same decision.

``People who are interested in the development of the law always would like to get a decision from the Supreme Court so we have a higher authority, and sometimes they expand upon issues and provide more direction.''

But the refusal still sets a precedent, said Romaniuk.

``They have given a national view. By dismissing it, they've agreed with the Alberta Court of Appeal's decision, and that becomes part of our national case law.''

Neither Jane Doe's lawyer nor Crown lawyers returned calls for comment on the Supreme Court's decision.

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Here is Esmee singing with Natasha Bedingfield! She is amazing ;)


Thursday, July 12, 2007

PRIDE 2007 - Equally United

PRIDE 2007 in
GALAP Grand Prairie, Alberta

Tuesday July 24th
Ball Game - GALAP vs. RCMP!
Dave Barr Arena ball diamonds
Official start time TBA
Thursday July 26th
Coffee House Confessions
Live music, poetry, and coffee!
The Rabbit Hole (10020-100

Saturday July 28th
Pride Party with a Retro twist!
Centre for Creative Arts
9:00pm, Cash Bar, Door Prizes
Tickets now available - $10 adv or $15 at
the door.

For further information please visit

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Lance Bass Joins Hairspray

by The Associated Press

Lance Bass will join the Broadway cast of "Hairspray" Aug. 14.

The former 'N Sync boy band member will portray TV dance show host Corny Collins, a role modeled after legendary Baltimore disc jockey Buddy Deane, Richard Kornberg, a spokesman for the show, said.

The long-running musical, which opened Aug. 15, 2002, at the Neil Simon Theatre, is based on John Waters' cult film set in 1960s Baltimore. It currently stars Shannon Durig as Tracy Turnblad, a pudgy dance-obsessed teen, and Paul C. Vogt as her equally full-figured mother, Edna.

Also in the current cast is Jerry Mathers, best known as Beaver Cleaver in the classic sitcom "Leave It to Beaver." Mathers portrays Wilbur Turnblad, Tracy's dad, in the show.

The movie version of the musical, starring John Travolta as Edna, opens later this month.

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Interview with William Sledd

Last year William Sledd, a 23-year-old gay GAP employee from Paducah, Kentucky, started filming video blogs that offered his strong, witty, and usually spot-on fashion observations. He called the segments Ask A Gay Man and posted them on YouTube. Shot in his bedroom, his vlogs soon ranked as some of the most watched clips on the site and his eighth installment — a hilarious exploration of denim wear — has currently been viewed more than three million times.

To Read More Click Here

or visit his web site

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Remembering Boo & Gord

This picture is of the riderless horse which this year, honored Boo Boo and Gord Woima. Walking with the horse are Dale Tamblyn (pink shirt), Carol Field - Boo's partner and Bruce Chudobiak - Gord's partner.

Happy Trails. We miss you both.

Photo by Colleen Hanna

He Still Doesn't Get It

The man has his problems!

Here is a release from Fox news.

Troubled actor Isaiah Washington wallowed in self-pity from the negative publicity he received following the outbreak of hostilities between himself and his "Grey's Anatomy" co-stars, he admitted Monday night.

"I felt sorry for myself," the 43-year-old actor told Larry King Monday night. "I'm not going to lie. I felt sorry for myself many times. You fall into that little space and go, 'Why me? Why me?' "

His appearance on "Larry King Live" -- taped last Friday -- was the latest in a series of interviews Washington has conducted since he was fired from "Grey's Anatomy" early last month.

Washington said he became obsessed with his public image in the wake of the infamous dust-up he had last October with co-star Patrick Dempsey and the fallout over Washington's use of the word "faggot" that led to his estrangement from another co-star, T.R. Knight, now openly gay.

He also gave his version of the confrontation with Dempsey that alienated him from the rest of the cast of "Grey's." And he repeated his contention that his use of the word "faggot" was never aimed at Knight personally.

Outlooks Travel - Web Launch

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IGRA Appreciation Award

Judy & Roy

After ten years of supporting the ARGRA rodeo in Calgary, AB the IGRA Board of Directors presented the 2006 Appreciation Award on July 1st 2007
to Roy Heale (publisher of Outlooks magazine) in recognition for his support of the
Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association!


July 17th, 2007 starting at 9:30pm at Numbers Cabaret, Downtown Vancouver. No cover charge.

Over the last year, musician Matthew Presidente (along with a collection of rotating musicians) have been performing an exciting weekly live music show at Numbers Cabaret, in the heart of Vancouver’s gay village. “UNPLUGGED @ NUMBERS” is currently the only show of its kind in the city – a gay themed acoustic rock variety night. Matthew has headlined the show with his passionate, and sometimes naughty piano-based songs, and the stage has been host to over thirty of the cities most interesting artists, both professional and amateur. July 17th, 2007 will mark the 50th presentation of the “UNPLUGGED @ NUMBERS” show, and is set to be an incredible event.

Matthew Presidente has been performing and recording his own music in Vancouver since 1999. He has independently released three records, played in venues all over the city, and been an advocate of bringing live music into the gay night clubs. Matthew has been musically involved in pride for the past two years, and is scheduled to perform again this summer. He started the show at Numbers in July of 2006 as a live rock show where he could feature his own originals, as well as bring other performers to showcase, and jam with live. This is something he felt was missing in the Vancouver gay scene, where much of the entertainment is based around DJ’s and Drag artists. In his own words “[I] wanted to do a show filled with energetic live performances, in a cabaret style setting – where the performers and the audience could merge, and feed off each others creativity”. Over the months it has grown into just that, with performers ranging from first timers to professional recording artists, and on any given night the mix can be quite electrifying!

The 50th show will be a retrospective, focusing on ‘the best of’ over the last year. Matthew is looking forward to celebrating the longevity of 50 shows by performing prevailing fan favorites, as well as cover tunes that have worked well over the span of the show’s history. Beloved guest performers will be featured including the smooth voice and jazz styling of Kacie Wallace, the cheeky pop-punk of Tara Taylor, local blues legend Helen Rose, and emerging pianist Christopher Doucet. The show will be interspersed with DVD footage of rehearsals, interviews, and behind the scenes chaos, as well it will be seamlessly hosted by comedian and m.c. Trish Trash. Three sets of music will run through the evening, which begins at 9:30pm.