Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vancouver Pride Wrap-up!

Vancouver Pride attendance hit a record this year at both the Festival and the Parade. Over 600,000 people enjoyed the parade on the new expanded route and 110,000 celebrated at the Pride festival site and beer garden at Sunset Beach.

OUTLOOKS was at the festival, sharing in the spirit of Pride with all of the attendees.

Our roving correspondent Linda Eckess was on the scene and spoke with a few notables involved with this year's festivities.
Linda caught up with Barb Snelgrove, Vancouver Pride icon and the epitome of volunteerism. For the past 6 years, she has organized Pride's Sunset Beach Music Festival

Eckess: What do you want to see the tourists; the travellers take back with them from Vancouver?

Barb: Well, any travellers to Vancouver take back wonderful memories of probably the most gorgeous place on earth. We have so much to offer at any time of the year but specifically at that time of year. And, of course, this year it was even bigger with the World Police and Fire Games happening at the same time. And the fireworks we have happening over a couple of weeks that coincide with the week of Pride festivities. So there's a lot to see in a city that (cross your fingers) is always very sunny at that time.

Eckess: What's your favourite part of the this year's Pride?

Barb: There's so many little defining moments when it comes to Vancouver's Pride, some of them are things behind the scenes, like walking the parade route first thing in the morning and "feeling the buzz!". And then there's walking onto the Festival Pride Stage and to look out at over tens, literally tens of thousands of faces. And hear and see the excitement of everybody really enjoying themselves.

Linda also spoke with Crema of Crema Productions.

Crema and friends from 20 years ago.
Crema has watched the Vancouver Pride Parade grow from just hundreds of people to this years 500,000. This year, Crema Productions was the hottest ticket; from the Wet&Wild Boat Cruise, to Jetgirl @ Jupiter and Chicklets @ Pulse Nightclub.
Eckess: What was your most favourite moment during Pride?
Crema: My favourite moment was on the Boat Cruise! Seeing old friends I haven't seen in over 20 years. My other favourite moment was watching all the girls with their shirts off, dancing and having a good time!
Eckess: During Pride, what is your mantra?
Crema: My mantra? "Why sleep? You might miss the party! It's Pride!"

Be sure to check updates at and join all the fun next year at Pride, August 1st, 2010!