Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas with The Queens: A Holiday Spectacular

KRK Productions Artistic Director Kevin Kreisz takes us on a ride through the holiday season in his magical production debut with festive choreography by Trevor Kozlow, includes dazzling costumes created by Chris Sinosich of Sebastian and Co. These 90 minutes of holiday frivolity in French revue format sizzles like the Lido Paris or the Bal du Moulin Rouge. With dynamic comedic performances, breathtaking dance production numbers, gorgeous costumes and astounding scenes, Christmas With The Queens: A Holiday Spectacular captivates audiences as the new holiday celebration!

Experience the NEW Holiday tradition of Singing and Dancing with the Queens. Come along on our magical journey as Kevin Kreisz, in his Artistic Directing Debut, takes us for a ride through Candyland complete with Tatiana as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Mandy Camp enchants us with Faith Hill’s-“Where are You Christmas” and Connie Smudge is the WILDEST Mrs. Claus you will ever meet. Jaylene Tyme rocks us as Cher and Robyn Graves belts it like Judy Garland. Raye Sunshine, the reigning DMS Empress, will be on hand to shed light on some of the DMS charities such as “Out in Schools” and “Check Him OutIona Whipp and Kiki Lawhore bring the total up to eight Queens of Christmas! Guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages.

Christmas with the Queens: A Holiday Spectacular December 23, 2010 @ 8pm
One Night Only at the
River Rock Show Theatre, Richmond BC. Tickets available at ticketmaster.ca

Photo courtesy Daryl Dyck Photography www.daryldyck.com
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